Welcome to my website…

I hope you will be inspired by my approach to your well-being and feel curious to learn about the Letting Go process.

This process is designed to access and spearhead the reversal of our embedded emotional and energetic experiences in order to restore our energetic flow.

Through this journey, you will be supported by myself and your spiritual family, who I refer to as ‘The Team’. Working together, we will identify any forms of energetic interruptions which have been present in your body’s flow, and together, will disperse and reverse them, enabling a continuous healing process.

I’ll support you with care as we explore your personal letting go experience, taking you through a tour of your past and present, dispersing and reversing your energetic interruptions, and enabling a return to harmony and inner peace.

You can read more about Spiritual and Wellbeing Mentoring here, or find out a little more of my story on the About Me page.

Nigel Gee Spiritual and Well-Being Mentor

Nigel Gee
Spiritual and Well-Being Mentor